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Hi! I’m Felicia and I’ve come a long way with my affinity with nails.

I’ve always been intrigued by them, and I loved having beautiful gel nails. A few years back when I was drawing a higher pay, I used to visit a nail salon for my gel nails, and today, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to make this my career.

I have just completed my entire Diploma course at The Pink Room Nail Academy. It’s been almost like a dream come true as I’ve considered long and hard, I’ve wanted to try this for so long, but never had the chance to due to financial difficulties. I finally took a bank loan and went for the course much earlier than I would have ever expected.

This blog will be constantly updated with what I have learnt and done, it will serve as a portfolio, and a diary.

I am a trained nail technician, but I am new, so please be patient with me, and I’m sure you will see my work improve as the days go by. 😀