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Top row drawn with acrylic paint, bottom row with gel polish.

I consolidated a few designs i saw from the internet for this pretty mummy who wanted to try Gelish. I just got my Sheek White Gelish a week or so ago, and practiced drawing black lace on OPI Alpine snow and  the white Gelish and came up with the above design. She was so kind to take a picture for me too, as I hurried to class after her appointment.

My work isn’t flawless, yet, it definitely could be better, I will practice freehand drawing more often… Please state your requests here and I will try and post up some designs.

She is my first official client, besides my relatives, and I’ve practiced on classmates, family members etc.

Please pardon the cuticles, I was really nervous as this IS really my first time going out and providing the service, I tried my best to cut them, but I guess I didn’t clip off all the hangnails. ;( Please forgive me all you nail gurus, I know I should be stoned for them.

This set of Gelish nails costs her $25 as it is my first time doing it. I actually drew the set of 10 lace nails for her free(full gel mani). She also did a gel pedi with 1Q32 at $25, with two tones(full gel pedi). In total she paid me $50 + $10 for transport.(she lives near me but i still had to take cab to and fro as i had many things with me).

You could check out the rates, for Gelish manicure, many are offering at $38 without any design.

Please note that this is a promotional rate and as soon as I get my hands on more Gelish colors, I will officially launch my house-call service.