Here’s my very first promotion!

Promotion period: October 6th 2011 till 31st October 2011

Clear Traditional gel overlay at $50 inclusive of a choice of one 1Q32 color (U.P. $60)

Clear Traditional gel sculptured extensions with glitter(one tone)


Traditional gel French sculptured extensions at $120(u.p $130)

Please note that I only do House-calls as I do not have a place currently.

Terms and conditions(applies to all services):

  1. A flat rate of $50(non-inclusive in the posts of this blog, unless otherwise stated) for transport will be imposed for every booking, ALL SERVICES, regardless of the number of people at the same location.
  2. Additional $20 for peak hour taxi services (peak hour and mid-night charge)
  3. ERP will also be imposed, taxi receipt will be provided
  4. Please provide a suitable study-table-height table, with ample space for us to sit opposite each other for extensions and overlay service
  5. A non-refundable deposit of $50 will be required, to be transferred to POSB Savings 209-04173-1 for every appointment bookings, deductible from the final bill, this is to prevent prank appointments, I cannot afford to cab from place to place with my heavy bags just to find out no one is there.
  6. Only Cash is accepted
  7. Any changes to appointment is to be made 3 days beforehand, for example, you made an appointment for Wednesday this week(regardless of what time), if you realize you cannot make it for your appointment, the latest to notify me is on SUNDAY MORNING(before 11am)
  8. Please note that deposit is non-refundable, nor transferable for changes to the appointment made, 3 days before your appointment, or if I went to your place and you aren’t there. There will be a 15 minutes grace period given only.