My swatch is ruined, as I used a cotton pad to wipe off the tacky layer before adding a top coat. Now its full of fluff. =(

But I am going to add a picture for you girls anyway, so that you can see the swatch roughly.

Colors from top(clockwise): White, Reserve, Rose garden, Hot rod red, Passion, Go Girl, Princess Tiara, Seafoam , Up in the blue, Exhale, Waterfield and Vegas nights.

I’m really sorry the iPhone can’t capture a better image at night.

But I am going to find a color chart to show you the colors.

Not sure if this will show up well but its the best I can find. Image credited to google.

*P.S. I just tried, you can see the colors in the chart clearly if you click on it. I think they are all pretty close to the picture, except for Go girl and Passion. Go girl is a baby pink and Passion is more of a shocking pink.