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Please don’t curse me about the low quality pictures! ;(

This set of toes were also take in the wee hours of the morning, I guess my room light isn’t that bright after all…

I’ve been so in love with how gel polish works I totally abandoned my nail polishes. I don’t have many, but there’s definitely more than 20 bottles. Some duplicates I guess. I’ve never been a polish fanatic, reason being that polish on my hand, don’t even last 3 days. I hand wash clothes daily, so even using quality products like Poshe fast-drying base coat and Sech Vite top coat, they don’t stay at all. And it’s annoying and upsetting when I try to do nail art on them and they chip so quickly.

I was at a flea market when I came across this OPI Gold Shatter. I love shimmers and glitters, so here is my first set of gold nails! I never had gold polish before.