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Left to Right: Lemonade, Flowie and Royal Navy.

I saw Royal Navy Swatch when I was surfing on the internet some time ago and wanted it so badly, regardless of whether it suits my skin tone or not, and I’ve finally got this on Thursday!!!

I think I would try either one of these polishes later tonight if I can as my stars and stripes manicure has chipped, boo!

Call me slow, but I never knew that Orly’s creator is the founder of French Manicures too! And that its bottle cap/handle is rubberized for better grip and ease of opening, and has won many awards!

And it is a larger bottle-18ml compared to most other brands.

I hope I would love Orly, Mrs Claus is my second bottle of China Glaze besides Ruby Pumps, and I felt they are kinda hard to apply? My Mrs Claus dries up so quickly I panicked when I was applying it. The glitter bits were fairly large too, so it is a little hard to apply. But I will practice more, even though I don’t intend to offer normal polishing services yet.

Zoya claims that it is the longest wearing polish, on their website, so I’m gonna give it a try, heard that it has small brushes too, suitable for polishing on kids.

I hope I love them, all three of them, as I’ve only always bought OPI, Eyeko, Revlon and Sally Hansen in the past. Gonna try Essie some time soon too…