I’m sorry I don’t know why my picture’s aren’t clearer, but I tried my best, all of them are taken with my iPhone 4, not as clear as the 4S I’m sure but I’m still lovin’ it.

This is the 1st of 3 displays, I know it’s not much but I really did put in effort to research and come up with designs. I’ve never been creative if you know me, if I had, its always been the abstract side, so, all the designs you see are inspired by nail magazines, Robin Moses, and pictures from an app called “Girls Pic”.

I called this 99% completed because I intend to add some embellishments to some of the designs.
Gonna upload two more pictures, one tomorrow and one the day after. Feel free to leave a comment on a design you’d like to have, and I’ll try to do it. =D

I hope to see you girls on Sunday, at the flea, with kind angel Ying! Slots are still available for appointments.

Good night! ❤