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I had a tiring but awesome day at the flea market today with Ying from Nail Art Express(whom I believe is an angel as she is extremely kind and sweet!).

First time I spent an entire day, did 3 sets of Gelish and 2 sets of express gel manicure. It’s not much for a start of course but it brought me immense joy!

And I felt so happy that these sweet clients are happy with what I did!

Here are the pictures!




I am so grateful and thankful to everyone who made it possible, thank you Ying, and my bf for being so kind to help me with my mountainous amount of things, and of course the 5 lovely customers who were so understanding and accepting.

I am looking forward to my next flea on 12th Nov Sat, please make your appointments to secure your slots, and I hope to be there at more fleas in future! ❤

Awesome day! I’m off to bed now, tuition later in the morn!