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The above 3 Pictures are examples of 1Q32.

1Q32 is a gel polish brought in by The Pink Room International, the school that Ying, Kimberly and I went to.It is formulated to work as an all-in-1, base and topcoat integrated in to a bottle, so when you come down to *Scape for an express gel mani, we only shape your nails, buff them, and apply two coats of 1Q32 gel polish and your nails will be ready to go! No sticky inhibition layer that requires a cleanser like all other gel products. This product lasts up to 10 days, 7 days for me. If you like changing colors often, but do not want to wait for traditional nail lacquer to dry, this gel polish is your go-to!

These 3 pictures above are of Hand and Nail Harmony Gelish. This brand is what started the soak-off gel craze because it lasts up to 3 weeks, some people get an even longer wear than that!

Gelish is from USA, and at *Scape, we offer Classic Gelish Manicure, meaning we shape, groom your cuticles, buff, prepare your nail with Gelish PH Bond, apply Gelish foundation gel as a basecoat, apply 2 layers of color, a layer of Gelish Top-it-Off as a last if there isn’t any nail art to be done, cleanse nail and apply cuticle oil. Each layer has to go into the LED or UV lamp to cure.

If you are having nail art, we will draw on the top-it-off and then add another 2 layers of Top-It-Off to seal in your nail art.

Gelish Classic Manicures are for those who love their nail art or their polish colors, so much, that they want a lasting 3 week wear on their nails. Many love Gelish because of its long wearing properties.