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I’ve been procrastinating, whenever I think of doing up more design wheels, as I’ve always sat by the table surrounded by nail magazines and accessories, for hours, but I’d only get one wheel full of designs. Quite discouraging at times, when I think I think the seasoned gurus, and their nail art displays.

I’ve always been fascinated by the gorgeous nail art, but I’ve also always been slow in trying to do them myself, for fear of them not meeting my expectations/looking as nice as the magazines.

Thank God for tutorials!

Ying from Nail Art Express did quite a few in her blog, and I’ve always wanted to try them out. See the cherry, the red flowers with white background and the Cath Kidson rose? I’ve finally mustered up the courage to try these gorgeous nail magazine designs and try to do them myself, with the help of Ying’s tutorial of course.

The seal and otter design is from a towel I own, and I’ve thought of doing that for a while too, finally got around to doing that.

I hope you girls like it!

To be honest, I also tried those designs out because customers may choose designs from Ying’s design wheel during the flea, and I’m very nervous about not being able to deliver, hence the practice. Not trying to be a copycat, please understand…