I am very amused. By weird people I have met during fleas.

It is weird how we have always stated the prices, always told people the price list again and again and again, but no one at all listens it seems.

I know about all those online deals website, whereby you can buy coupons for cheap Gelish, by all means go ahead.

People don’t realize that Gelish service isn’t cheap, and the removal isn’t cheap either. Removal done by someone else isn’t free. We pay for the chemicals we buy, the cotton pads, the aluminum foils, the time taken to remove the gelish.

I am so so so amused, that after notifying clients, they can claim that they DO NOT know about removal charges and can tell me that they think it is expensive. Also, that they thought that the $15 includes a new set of express gel service.

Everyone who did market research, knows how much removal is. But people think that $15 is too expensive and should include an express manicure?

So I am hereby stating prices here clearly for flea markets, so that people know and will not ask again and that there’s proof of pricing.

Gelish manicure at flea market $30
Gelish removal at flea market $15


Nail art on express manicure, STARTS FROM $1 per nail or $10 per set

Nail art on Gelish manicure STARTS FROM $1 per nail or $10 per set NOT INCLUSIVE OF $3 surcharge for art on Gelish manicures.

Therefore please note that removal is ADDITIONAL COST, at $15.

And for those who do not care to read, there is NO LONGER, EXPRESS GEL MANICURE.

Please note that I am not trying to be rude or mean here. But I am sick of being nice to people and they turn back and bite me, talking like as if I am cheating them of their money.

Please, put yourself in my shoes. I am doing this for a living, this is my career, not as a form of past-time. If you’re looking for charity work it certainly isn’t here.

I am adopting Ying’s view on customers-I will make an effort to retain customers by coming up with promotions to benefit regulars.

Thank you sweethearts for making me smile everytime you are happy with your nails. ❤

Thank you.