I am thinking of promotions for Gelish manicures to reward customers, but I’m not sure what would you girls love?

So I hope to get some feedback so that you can benefit from your very own desired promotion.

I have 2 promotions in mind:

A: dollar rebate: For each friend that comes from your referral, doing a gelish manicure, you get $2 off, you can accumulate your $2 and use it, so, lets say your friends came and quote me your handphone number, if you have 5 friends that come for Gelish manicures, you get $10 off. 10 and you get $20 off.


Do you prefer B: $5 worth of nail art with each gelish manicure referral(non-cumulative, if you refer 5 friends, you get $25 worth of nail art, but has to be redeemed separately, $5 each time)

$2 off applies to your Gelish manicures as well, so, it means that so long as you have had a Gelish manicure done by me, you get $2 rebate each time, and if you have had 5 gelish manicures, you get $10 off.

Let me know and I will launch one that you girls like!