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I had an awesome day at the flea today, albeit very challenging-my strength isn’t exactly polishing with nail polish(Don’t get me wrong I love Polishes and all, just not nearly as much as I love gel.) but I am doing lots of this in fleas and I guess they’ll help me improve and get much better!

Sadly, I had only 1 Gelish service today(I love gelish!!!), but it’s okay!

I’m trying to spend as little as possible as I’m trying to pay repay my school loans quickly, therefore there won’t be much of a chance to expand on my Gel collection. But fear not! At Ying’s place you do get to select from the wide variety of colors for your manicures!

For me, I just had to get my hands on these three(my Christmas presents) Artistic Color Gloss Polishes!

If you haven’t heard, they come from the same creator as Gelish, and therefore is totally compatible with the Gelish system.

I also got the Breast Cancer Awareness set just right before my previous flea with Mynte, for fear of us not having enough colors! Sadly, no one used them.

I shall put my long wish list of Gelish away till all my school fees are paid.

Will try to post swatches soon! ❤