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I had another awesome flew with the girls last Saturday! It was busy and I was trying to run after time with all the nail art designs but it was fun!

This set of nails belongs to another sweet customer of mine who had to wait but she did not complain! She simply browsed the nail art designs on our work table, walked around while waiting for me.

I didn’t realize she has arrived because I was busy drawing(I know, my bad, my apologies, I’m still trying to train for faster speed and better precision!). She was so kind she didn’t get upset and decided on her nail art really quickly too!

The result is this uber cute set of nails, this design is very popular, so I dunno who to credit it to, lol!

This set of nail art: $21

I’m so happy she picked this design because I’ve wanted to do this for a while! ❤

Really love these awesome ladies, they make me smile!

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