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This is probably the most pictures I have of a single set of nails!

I was hesitant to put the “Felicious Nails” ribbon on the hands/fingers as they are so pretty! Long and slender!

This set of nails belongs to Germain, my favorite customer!

Also another patient, kind soul. She’s also very decisive and was so sweet to take pictures with her DSLR when I told her I forgot. She even took various different angles as she said she didn’t know what pose I wanted. The previous time I forgot she came back to the booth with her friend so that I could take pictures!

It’s really people like her that makes life so wonderful.

A simple leopard design on a glamorous OPI glitter polish, Teenage Dream I think?

$15 for the art. 😀

The thought of her makes me smile! Thank you Germain! ❤