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Click on the pictures to enlarge! Pictures courtesy of Ying! Thank you for my awesome pictures! ❤

Pardon the cheesy title, hee, I love that song and it has been stuck in my head for ages.

I did this set of nails on Friday and I'm lovin' it so much.

The metallic red is really eye-catching, a color that makes one feel sexy, and makes one look fairer. (okay at least I think so!)

This set of nails is inspired by Robin
Moses tutorials, the snowflakes falling and the cute reindeer.

The customer wanted some eye-catching embellishments, so I added a pink crystal for the reindeer's nose(we didn't have a red one), and tiny crystals in the middle of the snowflakes!

I am do in love with this set! And since I don't have time and I'm unable to draw nice snowflakes on my right hand with my left, I might just do a similar set with my snowflake stickers!

This set, inclusive of Gelish manicure, $58.