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It was a fun-filled afternoon yesterday! Our customers came as a family, three ladies, to get their Christmas nails done! The afternoon was spent talking about yummy turkey, pies and cakes!

This first set of nails shows how a simple wreath and snowflakes looks so alluring on the brilliant shimmer red gelish base.

I’m so envious of her slender long fingers, very fair complexion too!

Gelish with wreath and snowflakes: $42



This brilliant red is so “Christmassy” that her sister loves it too!

Who says a pianist can’t have polished nails? This pair of hands belongs to a piano teacher! Short nails can look amazing gorgeous too!

This set of snowflakes art with gelish $41.

If you haven’t had your Christmas nails done, you have one last chance-I’ll be at *Scape flea market this Saturday, 17th December, from 1pm, so hurry and make your appointments via feliciousnails@yahoo.com now!