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I had a really fun day yesterday at the flea serving two really sweet and considerate girls.

This set belongs to one of the two pretty ladies, who has really huge gorgeous eyes.

Caren messaged me on Facebook to make her appointment for her and a friend.

They gave me bits and hints on what they wanted and we came up with this!

Everyone knows Lilo and Stitch but we overlooked the really cute toy named Scrump!

Caren loves it so much she had to have it with her Christmas nails(on the spot, I only had “cool colors” as a guideline, no mention of the Scrump)!

The arrangement of all the elements on her nails were picked by her, I just put them together.

On her nails it looked like there’s a mummy Scrump and Baby Scrump but she didn’t mind.

There you have it! My very first attempt on the Scrump(with presents as Caren wanted)!

This set of nails inclusive of gelish and nail art: $66