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This set belongs to the other pretty, Sophie! She loves Hello Kitty and Juicy Couture! So she picked a brown and pink base to go with her Hello Kitty!

Her taste and her friend’s is really close, they both have mistle toes and candy canes! But Sophie had snowman and reindeers instead of snowflakes.

This is also the first time I’m attempting to draw Hello kitty! Wanted to outline the Kitty but Sophie and Caren thought she’s cute enough.

I loved how sweet these two ladies were, they loved the Hello Kitty so much they squealed like me! Lol!

I will definitely practice more so you ladies will continue to be happy!

Very challenging set though, took some time…

Take your Kitty Christmas home for $57. 🙂

*P.S. Nails that seem that they are unequally shaped, are due to the request of customers who want to retain the length or keep the shape as close as possible to what they want.