Hello Ladies! I was wondering since most of the days I am still free(before school reopens), is anyone keen on house-call services still?

Sometimes it is a little far to travel just for one to bukit batok for appointments, and sometimes, you girls do not want to travel. I initially started this blog to promote my house-call services, but since I have found a new place at awesome Ying’s house, I stopped house-calls.

Some ladies have been asking, about house-calls(your nails done at your house) since they live too far away from where I work, but near me, so I have decided that house-calls will resume as well, but only for gelish services(sometimes exceptions for extensions).

The only criteria is $50 surcharge for 2 way transport(not sure if now its still enough to cover), on top of pricing of or and artificial nails.

I don’t have a ton of gelish colors like Ying, but I realize popular colors keep popping up, so, I will get those popular colors if there is enough demand for gelish housecall services.

Let me know your thoughts! Leave a comment here or on Felicious Nails on facebook ok?

Thank you sweethearts!