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This is one of the brands I’ve been wanting to try for gel polish. In case you didn’t know, there’s more than one brand in the market besides Gelish.

Shellac from CND is one of them.
Shellac isn’t popular in Singapore, but it is quite well received in the US and UK I think?

When opting for gel nails, many are worried about damaging their natural nails as removing the shine from the nail surface is required to ensure that the artificial enhancement stays/has a grip.

So far Shellac from CND is the only brand that doesn’t require one to “off-shine” your nails before product application.

I’ve got this gorgeous color named Romantique for ages but haven’t had the time to try it out. First, I didn’t have 99% isopropanol alcohol which was required to remove the shine, then I didn’t have the CND lamp which was recommended for proper curing.

I still don’t have both but I figured i’ll still give it a try with my Light elegance lamp and cleanse with Gelish cleanser.

I’m not a pink persons when it comes to wearing polish but I love pastels, so I chose this long ago, thinking I’d use it as a base for French manicures. I haven’t had the time to do that today so it’s single color polish for me. However, I’m no longer used to plain colored nails anymore so I added some gold studs as inspired by Ying and nail magazines.

It’s marketed to last 2 weeks so I’ll see how long it’ll last.

Have you tried Shellac too?