I’m sorry the posting has slowed down. 😦

Due to the reduction of flea market events i’m participating in and work resuming, it is reducing the time u have available for doing more nails at Ying’s place.

This set as you have seen, if you have seen it on my Facebook page, is my first attempt on Ying’s bows. Not as successful as I’d like it to be but I’ll practice more!

The polishing is done by Ying, only the bows with crystals are done by me.

$4 each! 🙂

I hope I’ll find a way to work around my work, I usually have mornings and evenings available but the distance makes it harder for me to have more slots available.

Hougang/Sengkang people are encouraged to book house-calls, I would come up with a special rate-maybe $10 or $20 transport fee for hougang/sengkang residents when you select the color/designs beforehand so that I carry only what is needed for your manicure to your place.

Kindly respond here or on Facebook so that I hear your opinions! Thank you sweethearts!