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This set of nails belongs to Millie! Another one crowned under the “Angelic customer hall of fame”.

I did a house-call for her right after tuition, I was early, she wasn’t late, but she kept apologizing for me having to wait for her at her lobby.

Then, when she arrived, she turned in the air-conditioning and her “ambient” light for me.

She said she wanted Miu Miu inspired nails for a while but never got to it. She was so nice to send me many pictures(mostly loud gorgeous designs) so that I could come up with a set of nails for her.

I figured the Chinese new year is coming, so something not overly sweet(she does not like designs that are too sweet, totally different from the girly designs I usually do), with a little touch of rock in it would do the trick!

So I mixed and matched designs from what she liked-Miu Miu nails inspired by clarah, deep v design by the illustrated nail and added a lip-like peep-through swallows on two of her nails, lined with random disco-balls.

The base is Artistic Color Gloss’s Sassy, its a gorgeous peach color but due to the warm lighting the color isn’t as accurate as it should be.

The result is a feminine set with an edge!

She wanted some “bling” too, so we added crystals in the commonly seen Miu Miu style.

We had alot of trouble with Gelish black shadow curing under the lamp and getting the disco balls to stick but she never got upset. Instead she was extremely patient and nice and kept asking if I was hungry or bored(offered to turn on the television).

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better? She insisted on helping me with my bags, my drawing cup, even escorted me with her mum, to the road to catch a cab(just so that I am safe)!

I had lots of fun doing her nails and I loved seeing her cute tabby cat.

She’s the model customer all Nail technicians would love to keep for many years down their career!

This set of nails: $70 inclusive of Gelish Manicure.