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This set of nails belongs to the J-pop(correct me if I’m wrong) fan. She loves Kinky Kids and Arashi, the previous Kinky Kids nails belongs to her!(not sure if her boss or anyone she doesn’t want to know about her nails so I’m keeping her anonymous).

She’s absolutely sweet and polite!

I went to her house for a housecall on Tuesday and removed her gelish for this simple set of flowers which she wanted in these colors featured on one of Arashi’s covers(I googled but could not find the picture she showed me.)

She wanted a simple set after the bold nails she had when she went for Kinky Kids’ concert in Japan!

I met her very nice family too and I had so much fun chatting with her and her sister! She’s also another customer I’ll add to my “Angelic customer hall of fame”! It was late and I didn’t mind not having dinner but she and her sister insisted I stay and have dinner with them when I was done with their nails.

That’s not it! She even accompanied me to the road and waited till I got a cab though it was late and I’m sure she must be bushed as she came back from work and had her nails done immediately, no resting in between!

This sweetheart also took pictures for me because we were chatting happily and I forgot about the pictures! Please don’t mind the background, I tried to crop it out but I’m not a photoshop kinda girl and the iPhone apps are quite limited in what I can do(or maybe I’m just not good at editing), so I couldn’t give you any fancy background and professional pictures!

Anyway, to me the pictures are great and I am so thankful for my awesome customers!

This lady and Millie are one of the few customers who made the effort to read what’s on my blog, make deposit immediately after confirmation for a very smooth appointment experience, I love them!

Sorry for the long post today! Just had to rant a little and praise those who make my days a little easier. ❤ to you awesome ladies!