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I know it’s been quite a couple of days I haven’t updated, but I’m back with a review on CND’s Shellac.

For those who don’t know, CND’s Shellac is popular because of its nail-friendly formula-it’s staying power, without having to remove the shine off your nails before application.

I have not taken this set to the 14th day test, I am 1 day away, but I’m pretty sure it’ll hold up to its 14th day promise.

If you’re not familiar, CND, Creative Nail Design, is the first company that came up with the brilliant idea of gel polish in the bottle form, for the ease of application.

With the Hand and Nail Harmony’s Gelish trend hitting the world, Shellac may not be as big here, but it sure is in the US and Europe.

Here are the pictures!

Day 9



Day 13



So what’s the verdict you ask?

After 13 days of wearing this gorgeous color, Romantique, here’s my take:


Awesome! I put my nails through alot due to my work, I’m considered a really rough person, but no, Shellac has not lost its shine.

You do see a slight chip off my right index finger, but that’s because my nail chipped(not the polish). My nails aren’t exactly very strong, but given only one nail chipped a little, I think it’s doing really well. (It did not continue to tear/chip further after the front of my nail “broke”, which I thought was amazing~)

What I did to my nails these two weeks? Terrible things. Besides doing nails, I hand wash clothes because my family doesn’t have a washing machine, I washed alot of dishes and containers because I made alot of new year goodies(pineapple tarts etc). and they’re really oily. But Shellac did not let me down.

Strength: Shellac does state that its not recommended for weak peeling nails, as it does not provide extra strength. Personally, I don’t think it’s a huge issue as Gelish does share the same view. If you need extra strength, do opt for some form or another of foundation gel.

Shine: I believe both Gelish and Shellac provide the same amount of shine.

I shall blog about removal tonight or tomorrow when I have time to do a new set of nails.

My verdict?

I love both Gelish and Shellac, but viscosity wise, Gelish provides an easier application. Shellac, has more gel and less solvent ratio, hence, has a thicker consistency hence reduced ease of application.

If you want to have minimal damage go your nails(you do not like the idea of having to off-shine your nails), Shellac is your choice.

I’m doing a haul post soon about my new LED lamp and gel polishes so stay tuned! More reviews next month!