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This set of nails belongs to a nice customer of mine who was very patient though we encountered problems with Artistic color gloss “Tease”. For some weird reason the thumbs could not cure well though I had it applied thinly and I used the ACG LED lamp. I had to redo them for her but she never got upset.

She was so kind she quickly took pictures of her nails and sent them to me when I told her I forgot! She also told me many complimented her on her nails! I was so happy that it worked out well in the end as this is my very first Chinese New Year working and I was very nervous.

I want to say thank you to all the awesome customers who came and gave me a chance to beautify your nails, for being on time and being very patient with me.

Happy New Year all you lovely ladies!

*P.S: nail colors and design inspired by a picture of Kim’s customer showed me. She opted for the small flowers instead of roses from Kim’s picture.

*picture credited to Mengli my awesome customer!