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This set of nails belongs to Sindy, a pretty and hip mum! She was recommended by her niece Sophie as she lived really near me!

I loved both of them for choosing their design way beforehand and stuck to it when I arrived.

Sindy wanted the exact colors in the Nail Max magazine but I didn’t have it, so we chose one of the colors of Gelish Breast Cancer Awareness set as the base(I can’t remember which), which would fade to the lighter color she wanted.

Also, as she wanted these nails for the new year, I wanted the art to last, so I used Gelish Black Shadow and Sheek White for the art.

Her set of Gelish was done on a pre-existing set of nail enhancement done elsewhere.

I think she wears this design really well!

She liked this design so much she also decided to have it on her toes!


*only art on toes is done by me, base in OPI Alpine snow I think, done elsewhere.

*picture credited to Sindy and Sophie!