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Evelyn is one of the amazing customers who picks her own design from the magazines and sticks to it. I believe I haven’t reached Ying’s level of creativity and ability to freestyle design a set of nails, so, at this point I’m really grateful for clients who have a clear idea of what they want.

She wanted something like this with heart-shaped bits and glitter:


I didn’t have any of those heart-shaped bits or glitter powder so we used what we had at Ying’s place-holographic star bits and Gelish June bride to create a gradation effect and this was the result:




Initially we tried having a glitter line at the tips-kinda like French tips but it didn’t look nice due to the length of the nails. I suggested gradation and Evelyn wanted to try shifting the glitter line higher and adding stars and glitter bits as accents to the lines and it turned out great!

Feeling adventurous, Evelyn also opted
for bows that looked like Hello Kitty bows but without the holes in the middle on her index and ring fingers!

I loved the final look of the nails through they aren’t as girly as the set she chose. I’m glad we made it to customize a set she liked!