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I wasn’t intending to do anything for Valentines’ day this year, especially when I’m running out of sleeping time. But when i finally removed my horribly outgrown glitter polish from my toes, my previous set of AngelPro trial nails got soaked-off, accidentally.

You see, I was holding on to the damp piece of lint free pad, removing polish from my toes. Then my AngelPro trial nails(I was testing the AngelPro gel polish that Shona from MentalForPolish lent me), got removed partially as the top coat came wore off the very same day I did that set of nails.

I’ll post a picture of it soon, with a review.

Now let’s get to that Pink Panther shall we?

My Valentines’ nails was inspired by MyMakeupMania.
I bought a whole lot of water decals some time back and I never got down to using them(I wanted to try them with gelish, but I procrastinated. I know, lazy me, hee…).

As I was annoyed that my manicure had to be ruined the day before my nail appointments, I went through my nail loots and found the wonderful water decals. Of which, I found the Pink Panther, all pink with leopard prints and a heart with the word “love” in it. It was perfect for Valentines’!

Being someone that inclines to the abstract side of art, I rely on inspiration from magazines and the Internet for my nail art designs. I googled and found this:


Picture credit to MyMakeupMania.

And here’s mine:

I first painted a layer of Gelish Ambience as a base and then did chunky French tips in Gelish breast cancer awareness; “Make a difference”, then applied top coat, my life-saving decals and then sealed them with two more layers of top coat.

This is my base(oh how my nails should be allowed to wear traditional French-probably after this set of nails!):


And tadahhh! After…



I did my French chunkier than usual so as to prolong the manicure without showing my natural smile line.

The water decals were a breeze to apply and even easier to seal with top coat. Now all I need is for it to last!

More on those awesome water-decal haul soon!