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I am so glad I am able to attend the Beauty Asia trade show with my mentor Ying and fellow nail enthusiast Shona!

The first day of the trade show I got these:



Then I left and couldn’t soon stop thinking about the Gelish 18g as it was at an irresistible price. I convinced my sweet boyfriend to loan me the money for the items I deemed “compulsory” to buy and promised to be on a spending ban from today onwards.

And here’s my loots:


After spending that much, i definitely had to think of how to fill in the deep hole I dug.

So here are some items i’d like to put on sale-I really need to start earning back to repay the bank loan, pretty please?

Item 1: “Better” 12W LED lamp $80



Item 2: Artistic Color Gloss 30W LED lamp $400


Original price $450 from supplier

Less than 3 months old

Same built as Gelish 6g LED lamp except in gorgeous black shimmer

Cure time is 10, 20 and 30 seconds also with sensor.

Great for someone who wants a professional lamp.

Both items are self-collect only unless you want to pay extra for shipping a bulky item. No negotiation please, need the money for loan repayment. Thank you for your understanding.

Interested parties email: feliciousnails@yahoo.com

Haggling will not be entertained.