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Joyce brought her sweet and very very very, when I say very I mean VERY obedient daughter Reyna with her.

She looked so pretty in a toga and she was very friendly! Not only was she friendly, she liked everyone!

She was playing with Ying’s mum the whole few hours her mum was there doing her nails!

Never once did she pester her mum or threw tantrums. Neither did she try to ruin her mum’s nails running around…

Then to my surprise, when Ying and her clients came, she went to the door and said “Hi!!” enthusiastically! A total sweetheart!

She also surprised me by standing at Ying’s room door, watching quietly instead of taking herself into the room like any curious kid would.

Extremely well-behaved!!! If I ever could have guarantee that I would have a kid like that, I would!!!!

It was a rainy day and she wasn’t afraid of the thunder as well, instead she sang songs happily!

Joyce was also a very sweet mom, she chose a sweet pastel design with a Hello Kitty bow to surprise Reyna. She picked the pastel colors and design and we came up with that as we saw something similar in Nail Max/Nail Venus.

I had so so much fun laughing and watching Reyna play and doing Joyce’s nails! How I wished every nail session was filled with such happiness!


*picture credited to Joyce. She was so kind she sent me a picture in the evening, even before I asked her as I forgot…