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This is one of my personal favorites. I saw this design in Nail Max latest issue and had been wanting to do it ever since.

Ying already did it on her design charts, and Marilyn picked this right after her fancy Chanel set.

I am so so so in love with this set, how I wished I had such slender, gorgeous hands and pretty nail beds like Marilyn’s.

She didn’t want the full set exactly as per the magazine and left me to match the nails with the embossed flowers with whatever I deem fit. I wanted a clean, demure look for her so I chose a contemporary French tip, lined with polka dots.

The result is a clean, simple, yet polished and sweet look. Reminds me of Disney Princess Cinderella for some reason. Perhaps it’s the blue.

This set is done with Artistic Color Gloss’s Tease, a popular favorite amongst our clients.

This set made my day. I know it’ll be a hot favorite!