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Jessy’s friend came along with her to to try out nail art on Gelish for the first time. Here’s what Jessy found online:


Image credit: http://creativemanagementnyc.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/paper21.jpg

We didn’t have the chunky chains and her nail bed was too small for the studded Chanel logo. We were running out of time as her previous set of Gelish done elsewhere took really long to soak off. The end result is a simplified adaptation of the design requested:



I personally LOVED the inspiration and adapted set, I do so love houndstooth so much but I doubt my left hand can manage drawing that on my right. So I’ll file this design somewhere in my list of “to-do manicures”.

I tried using Black Shadow to draw today, not as good as how I’d have liked it, promise I’ll do it in acrylic paint next time for a sharper, cleaner look. Gave her a discount because of that!

This set spells modern, chic, powerful. At least to me, somehow, because of the chains.

Two more sets of black and white nail art coming up soon! So keep checking back yeah?!