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I named this set “Unceasing Love for Chanel” as this is the third set of nails I’ve done with the Chanel logo in it!

Jessy came with a friend of hers for a set of Chanel nail art each(the nails in the previous post belongs to her friend). She picked the popular set of nail art from Cynfulnails and I tried to recreate it as close as possible.

For the nail on her ring finger however, she replaced the crystals with the sparkly diamond-shaped holo bits Ying brought back from Hong Kong.

I took a little longer than usual due to the drawings but she was very patient with me, so was her awesome friend(so sorry I didn’t catch your name).

How it turned out:




*the nails were shaped round, those you see in a pointed shape was shaped before she came at a nail salon. 2 of her nails broke, so they’re shorter. But overall the set looked lovely!