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Do you like nail polish but hate the dry time? Worried about smudging all the time? Here’s a solution for those who love changing their nail designs regularly without the hassle of traditional polishing!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted my review on the Lush products, there’s just so much going on and so little time! Plus, I wanna do a short picture demonstration, so I’ll need the boyfriend to help take pictures. I’ll get to it soon I promise!

In the meantime, I’ve something awesome to share! Incoco nail polish appliqué!

Made with real nail polish, it’s unlike any other stick-on nail products, it has the convenience and results that wow you(or me. Lol!)!

Previously, the craze was about Minx nails, if you haven’t heard, Minx nails was made popular by Lady Gaga and Rihanna. They managed to get foil looking nails by applying Minx nail wraps which had to be heated with a hair dryer! But now with Incoco, you have much less of a hassle.

Explaining it would be difficult for me, so here’s what it is:


It’s almost like a sticker. You just remove it from the plastic backing and paste it on your nails!

Here’s how to apply, it’s really simple!
Just remove, press on, trim edges by filing off the excess and you’re ready to go!


I did them on my toes and this is the 8th day. I think they look great given that I wore peeptoes and covered shoes in between.

Please pardon my hideous feet and lousy picture, I tried my best to get a good shot.



This is definitely recommended for anyone who loves polish, changing designs frequently and hates the waiting time.

Removal is a breeze too! The same way you remove normal polish!

I’m not sure what the retail price is locally as I got it from a supplier during the beauty fair, but if you’re interested you can search for it on eBay or go to http://www.incoco.com/ to take a peek.

As a manicurist I can’t wear it on my fingernails(the frequent contact with acetone removes it) so I can’t comment on how long it’ll last on yours, but Incoco claims a 14 day wear.

Personally I love this clever invention! Do you?