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I cannot fully describe how happy I feel to have my own place, a place I can work on designs, a place I can call my own, my get-away, comfort place which I hope, you ladies will feel comfortable visiting too!

Of course i’d miss working with Ying. She has been the greatest mentor, so patient and kind, one of the most generous and considerate people I’ve ever met. I thank God for placing angela around me to help me with life, and Ying’s definitely one of them.

If distance and tuition weren’t such a great barrier, I’d have loved to stay and work at Ying’s place. There would be so much to learn, her demeanor, the way she handles clients, most of all, her amazing work.

Now I’m on my own, and I’ll give my best!

Today I had the pleasure of serving Sindy again! She’s my first official customer in Hougang.

Sindy’s had her nails “rehabilitated” for 3 weeks. They were so badly damaged when extensions were done elsewhere previously, that they became terribly thin.

Those nails were so weak, they couldn’t last with gel polish.

With Sindy’s unceasing efforts of applying cuticle oil, the grew a little stronger, and she wanted to extend them so that she’d have beautiful nails when she leaves for a holiday.

It’s the Spring season now and Louis Vuitton is setting the trend with pastels-my favorite!

Usually Sindy prefers black and white colors, but this time, she chose Tease, the same gorgeous turquoise color we used for the “Alice” nails.

She couldn’t decide in black or white lace, but I felt black shed a hint of mystery, sexiness and elegance, so I recommended the black.

Here’s the end result:


I love it! Do you?