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It was Winnie’s first visit to a salon, the first time she’s having her nails done, and she wanted to try Gelish, so we tried this!

A simple set of glitter gradient, or shall I say, shimmer gradient lined with glitter in the middle.

She loved shades of red, so this time, we chose Gelish Queen of hearts for the shimmer gradient, and topped with Gelish Waterfield for the glitter effect.

And the base color of the nails is of course Gelish Ambience, the hot favorite for french, half-moon, and any design that exposes the natural nail bed.

I love gradient nails and for some weird reason I have never done a similar set for my own nails?!

I would do this on my nails one of these days when I feel lazy.

It was a fun-filled afternoon with Winnie! She’s a really nice and patient client I’m adding to my list of “Lovable Clients”. Heh!