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I remember Starrie as she’s inquired a couple of times regarding appointments and she finally came for an appointment!

Everything was arranged on the very same day, hours before the appointment.

She sent me a picture of what she wanted, a sexy set of lips on black polish(sorry I deleted it! I think the design was from a konad plate.)

I was told that she wanted roses with the lips, so I took the plunge and matched those lips with pink roses.

It was quite a challenge at first as the luscious sexy lips are challenging to draw without looking too “wrinkly”. Heh.

I liked that Starrie was very open to ideas, she literally just told me she wanted roses on her other fingers, on a white base. So i matched them with our hot favorite “Make a Difference” from Gelish Breast Cancer Awareness collection for all the art.

If you look carefully you can see all the awesome micro-glitters Gelish put in the color!

I alternated and randomly placed the roses so they wouldn’t look overly sweet as the luscious lips looked a little rocker to me. What’s your take on this?