I’m so sorry I took so long to post pictures of these new colors!

As you ladies know, I am a super huge fan of gel products, especially gel polish. So, I’ve acquired a few other reputable brands of gel polish so that you can have a wider variety of colors to pick from.

Most of you know Gelish of Hand & Nail Harmony, as they’ve been extremely successful in their marketing attempts, and of course their wonderful lasting base and acetone-resistant top coat.

BUT, did you know, they aren’t the pioneer of the gel polish in a bottle?

Creative Nail Design(CND) was the first company to come up with this wonderful invention, their very own gel polish is named Shellac. I’ve blogged about this, a review in my blog, you can search for Shellac in the search bar on the top right hand corner of my blog if you wish to know more. 🙂

Despite Gelish being the market leader now, there are many fantastic brands on the market that consumers have not heard of.

As such, I’d love to introduce you to my other “babies”, Nfu.Oh Gelist from Korea(top-of-the-line nail product brand, they have a fantastic range of colors-500 i think, they’re also well-known for their out-of-this-world holographic nail polishes!)

Another awesome brand would be I.gel from Odessey Nail System(ONS) and Akzentz Luxio which you ladies have heard me rave about.

I forgot to take pictures of the gorgeous corset-dress bottles that Nfu.Oh Gelist came in, but here are the swatches:


Aren’t these colors gorgeous?

I seriously don’t understand why Gelish can’t come up with wider variety and a better range of colors.

Nevertheless, I hope to add more gorgeous pastels from Akzentz and Nfu.Oh to my collection soon.

Stay tuned!