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If you’ve been following my blog faithfully, I think you’ve seen similar sets posted here.

I’ve done 4 sets of Chanel-inspired nails,but this is my third set of Chanel nails inspired by Cynfulnails. *Phew!(wipes perspiration off forehead)

We usually kept it the same, or tweaked a little.

This time, my cousin Marilene, wanted a similar set, for her birthday at the end of the month, and before her trip to Taiwan. She has a mind of her own, and usually plans how she wants her nail art to be!

She wanted sculptured gel extensions as well, as she broke a few of them.

I gave my all to make the extensions as natural as possible. I think they turned out quite alright, but I knew I definitely could do better if given more time. (We had a little time constraint as I had to go for class.)

As usual, the most popular colors for the set(and many others), is Gelish Sheek White and Gelish Black Shadow.

I used the them for the base and also for freehand drawing for all the art.

She wanted quilts for her thumbs, we’ve seen them before, so I didn’t take more pictures. My personal favorite of this set would be the Chanel logo and the quilted french tips. ❤

Okay enough of my chattering, here they are:

I topped two more layers of gel on her crystals, just so that they will last all the way from now till she gets back from Taiwan. (And of course through all the packing!)

Happy Birthday in advance Mara!