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I never knew I would be this blessed.

From the end of last year till now, I’ve been showered with lots of blessings.

I’ve met Ying, and she’s been my very patient mentor, one of the most encouraging person I’ve ever met. She brought me along to flea markets, allowed me to work with her at her place and also selflessly taught me so many things.

I’ve also met Mynte, Jenrine and Shona along the way because of Ying.

I think I got to know Kim from twitter, just like how I got to know Ying.

All 5 of them are such wonderful friends!

Friendship was something that was foreign to me till now.

These awesome ladies, when they heard about my new place, happily planned what they would do for me.

They told me they would order cupcakes, food, bring drinks and we’d have a blast chatting at my new workplace.

And we did!!!

Look at the gorgeous pictures Mynte took:




*ignore the newspaper background in the pictures, they were so sweet they reminded me to line the carpet with newspapers so we won’t dirty it!

I want to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you Ying, Kim, Jenrine, Mynte and Shona for being so kind so as to come all the way over to my new work place and celebrate this place with me!

❤ all of you!!!!!!