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I’ve always been fascinated with all the gorgeous Japanese embossed art, and have been thinking about attempting new designs from the magazines!

I finally got around to it!!!

These are all my first attempts!!!!

The first is a pony they did on an accessory(can’t remember it’s on a mirror cover or a retractable card holder).

The actual pony was much bigger. I loved it so much I wanted to be able to do it on nails, hence I scaled it down to a nail size.

This pretty pony wears a saddle with ruffles(I know it’s not super obvious but there’s only so much I can squeeze!), and has gorgeous candy pink mane and blue tail!

I’m love her so much!!!

Next would be the cute mouse which i missed highlighting the eyes and the cute elephant rendered so many “likes on my Facebook page!!!!!

This little lamb is one of my favorites!!!! But the ears seem to be a little huge for it!

Which one do you like best???

I promise to practice more!!!!