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This client came with a range of nail art she would like, drawn on a piece of paper, taking from many nail enthusiasts’ blog and turned it into a set of her own!

She chose a vine growing with hearts, a striped nail with 2 hearts inspired by Ying, lips and the word “Love” done in bold loud style, a little like graffiti I think?

The client after her wanted New York related art, which would either be bold or very classy, this set screams bold doesn’t it??

She wanted a set of traditional gel overlay, as her nails are too weak from
previous extensions done elsewhere, so we had to do thicker gel overlay, then add gel color, acrylic art, and then topped with 2 layers of Gelish top coat.

She was so much fun she actually took a picture of her thumb with the huge heart that says “I love u” and sent it to her husband, and he responded with a picture of his kissy lips! How sweet is that?!