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Xueyi is one of the ladies I’ve met with REALLY, and i mean REALLLY, longggggg slender fingers. Even my boyfriend commented when he saw these pictures!

She’s one of the customers who does lots of research and selecting of the nail art designs before coming for appointment!

Very decisive! I LIKE!!!

She browsed online for this design, and I recreated it by placing them randomly on her nails, and reducing the number of flowers due to the length of her nails. The entire set was done with gel polish, even the flowers!


I loved how the blue stands out from the white, like porcelain. This set reminds me of all the tall oriental porcelain vase the royalty used to collect and display their flowers in the olden times!

Aren’t they fabulous???

Both my landlord and boyfriend commented that this set is beautifulllllllllllll, something that’s rare as my landlord has conservative taste and my boyfriend don’t usually adore oriental-themed things.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SET on her slender fingerssss!