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Carolyn wanted a set of nails from Ying’s stash of design, if i’m not wrong its the leopard sweetheart?

She’s never had nail art done before this, so i think it’s a huge step forward for her!

We had huge hearts on her thumbs instead as she didn’t want the same glitter base in the original design and we had to make sure the natural smile line wouldn’t show under translucent Gelish Ambience!

For some reason the color for this set looks different from Ying’s though the colored we used were exactly the same!

Carolyn was so sweet she brought me Japanese Caramel Machiatto tea too! But for some silly reason wordpress keeps “crunching” the pictures I can’t put them in this post. BAHHHH!

If you look closely at the pink french tips, you would see glitter bits! That’s why I named this set Glamourous Leopard Prints!