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I really over-estimated myself when I thought I could finish this design.

Esmin gave me a heads-up when she sent me a picture of the design she wanted, taken from Nail Venus(I think), but I didn’t know she wouldn’t want the gold base with gold sticker accents(we ended up modifying them on the spot) so I under-estimated the price and the time-taken.

This is my first ever try on Ethnic/Tribal nails, and I must say this is the HARDEST EVER, design to do. It took me 5 hours to complete this set of nails as the details are really small and I needed to scale it down to the original nail size.

When I did the mock-up, it seemed much easier, perhaps because of the large size of the tips on the nail wheel.

Anyhow, this is the final result, and I really do hope the work speaks for the effort put into making this set of nails happen!

With Flash!

Without Flash.


I did this set using Nfuoh. Marshmellow yellow layered on white, to make it a really nice bright yellow!

Tribal/Ethnic prints are trending right now, how do you like them?