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Jeannie wanted a set of nails that was exactly the same as the one she took off the internet.


There’s a watermark on the picture but I can’t tell what it said.

She didn’t want glitter scrubbed on the top of the polish as she has a young child at home(to prevent scratching him), hence we chose Gelish Waterfield instead.

Given the length of her nails the deep-curved french tips would’ve shortened them, hence I followed the picture strictly.

There wasn’t a grey from Gelish too, so she chose Gelish Princess Tiara, after seeing the faded swatch on my color wheel, here’s the pictures:

This is a really simple, yet sweet set of nails, great for any occasion. I loved the look but would do without the white dots on the black petals if I wore them on my own nails. 🙂

Your wish is always my command at Felicious Nails, so if the white dots is what Jeannie wants, that’s what Jeannie gets!