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I’ve wanted to have french tips for the longest time, and I couldn’t previously as I broke my nails while hand-washing a few loads of clothes =( , but thanks to Akzentz Luxio, my nails grew longer and stronger, and I finally wore them!!!

I painstakingly did my French manicure, believe me, it was sooooo challenging, I literally wanted to pull my hair out!

I love doing nails for others, but for some reason, doing my own nails frustrates me, I can’t do them perfectly! 😦

I tried my best with the French manicure. Though it wasn’t as perfect as I’d like it to be, I was happy.

But, my happiness didn’t last any longer than 8 days, my nails grew quite quickly, and the classic french nails revealed my natural nail growth at the smile-line, what’s a girl to do then???

It’s crazy to change to a new set of manicure just because the nails has grown a little right? So I had an idea! Bows!

I’ve wanted to try the pretty bows that Cynthia and Kim made for the longest time too(yes, there are tons of stuff I want to do on my nails and for you awesome ladies of course!), so I went a little overboard and did them on ALL TEN NAILS!

And as if that wasn’t enough, I had to do them in the same pretty pastels that Kim did them in, on her nail wheel(I’m a super fan of pastels!). This is also the first time in having this many colors on my nails(I think!).

Here’s my first attempt, besides the bows on Claudia, I did these 10 on my own nails! Really thought I’d die doing them but I didn’t!!!!

Here’s version 2.0, Felicia’s Nails! 😀

So you see, this is how you maximize your French manicure! 🙂