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This is Celeste’s first visit to Felicious Nails at Hougang, also her second set of Gelish!

I’m so glad she returned!

The first time I did her nails was at Ying’s place, she picked a mixed-up set that time, and she did it again today!

Celeste loved roses and lace, she browsed through magazines but still came back to her two loves: lace and roses!

I remember her even though this visit was quite some time away from the first, as she had pretty large eyes and long hair, and a sweet demure look, like a Korean actress!

Initially she wanted to use one of the colors from Gelish Breast Cancer Awareness set, but since she’s used the color before, I urged her to choose something different, especially after she told me this was for a special occasion for her boyfriend.

I love how soft the look was, though I would’ve changed the pinkie finger’s art to small roses on a lace/ribbon, to soften the entire look even further.

I love how romantic this set looks as well, don’t you agree?



Poor Celeste had a couple of nails that were broken, but she didn’t want to shorten the rest.

I couldn’t round out the left thumb on its left as her nail was literally on her flesh. =(




The soft lace on the thumbs was a recent design from Ying, and we modified the design on the middle fingers from Nail Max Collection.

I can’t stop lovin’ Artistic Color Gloss’s Tease, this is one of my favorite pastels!