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Ashikin came for her new set of Gelish Manicure with a huge “surprise” for me!

She broke one of her nails the night before, and it tore right into her nail bed. It was still raw when she arrived and I had to come up with a solution for pretty nails quickly!

I contemplated doing an acrylic extension for her nail(to extend and prevent further damage), but it was still pretty raw, so I didn’t want to risk it.

If the client doesn’t mind, I would advise her to return when her wound is more or less recovered, but knowing Ashikin, she’d need nice nails(especially when the other 9 are all in good length).

I managed to find a tip that fits her nails, and glued it on as a temporary measure(on her nail and away from the wound of course!), and did this crisp set of nail art for her, design from one of Ying’s nail wheel! (Ashikin, like Celeste, Ying and I, all love lace and flowers!)

They remind me of freshly cleaned linen bedsheets!



Can you tell which was the injured nail?




All flowers are done in gel, free-handed.

Aren’t they pretty?